3 Kinds of Internet Based Applications That Will Make A Life in Sales Easier For You


A career in sales is a tough gig. If you’ve ever read or seen the play Death of A Salesman, you know how hard it can be on a family when a person who has spent his entire life selling goods to people around the country is faced with the fact that he’s too old to drive anymore. His life and family unravels throughout the play as he is faced with an identity crisis and the fact that he was never there for his kids when they needed him.

Hopefully your gig in sales will not have the same end or unraveling of Willy Loman in Death of A Salesman. Seeing how times have changed, you no longer have to go door to door to sell your product.

The internet has actually made being a salesman much easier. Your market is unlimited, you’re not required to travel because the world is available to you at the click of a button, and there are so many tools out there to help. Here are 3 internet based applications that will make a life in sales easier for you:

Social Media

It’s hardly a secret that everybody uses social media to sell their products and get their brand out there. Musicians do it, businesses do it, individuals who work for multi-level marketing companies do it. It’s the perfect place for sales, really.

Everybody is on social media looking to connect. When people have questions about where they should go for a facial, they ask their friends on facebook. When people want to look to spend money on something, they often reflect to things they’ve seen posted on social media sites.

Business Managing Apps

Business gets difficult when you add in trying to manage sales, proposals, quotes, and management of all of your contacts and other business endeavors. There are a lot of things out there that offer help, but very few of them give you an all in one experience that takes much of the load off of you and your business. Find the managing applications that will carry a lot of the load for you and you’ll feel the stress of a life in sales melt away.

The emergence of new technologies has made way for automated sales prospecting and researching, which could be helpful when managing large or B2B sales teams. According to Crunchbase, sales intelligence tools can help gather relevant data and automate the research process to garner plenty of prospects. This allows teams to move away from the tedious prospecting process and focus on the next steps, generating more sales in the long run.


In the past, point of sales systems have been extremely expensive to get your hands on. For small companies, this is too much of a burden to bear. Then an application called Square came on the market and completely changed the way people are able to do business. Even if you’re selling little knick knacks to people at a craft fair, square is available on your phone, allows you to run cards, and it sends the money right to your bank account. That’s brilliant for making a life in sales easier.

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