3 Tips to Create A More Productive Computer Desktop


If you work on your computer for the majority of the day, having a workspace that entices you to be productive and creative is a must. Regardless of your field of work, whether you’re a designer or you work as a consultant, having an uncluttered computer desktop can do wonders for your ability to stay on task, find important documents, become motivated and more. So to help you change your current chaotic desktop into one that promotes good work habits, here are three ideas for cleaning up your computer’s desktop.

Boosting Productivity

For many people who work on computers, it can be very easy to become distracted from your tasks. With Facebook and YouTube only a click away, it’s important to do all you can to make yourself more productive and focused on your work. According to ExperimentGarden.com, studies have found that the colors red and blue actually help to make people more motivated and creative when used within the color palette of your desktop. Even if these two colors are present in small amounts, the psychological effects can still take place to encourage you to be more productive and find it easier to stay on task.

Create A File System

When you’re in the middle of a project, it’s easy to simply save a file or image to your desktop and then worry about moving it to the right place later. The trouble with this is that many people either never get around to “later” or don’t have an adequate file system set up to house this information. However, creating a useful and intuitive file structure can actually be very easy if you simply take the time to execute it.

According to Aaron Couch, a contributor to MakeUseOf.com, one of the best ways to create file systems is to organize using folders. These folders can be organized in any way you see fit, like by type, date, client, project and more. As long as the structure makes sense to you and facilitates an easy locating process, the actual structure of the file system doesn’t matter so much.

Picking the Right Wallpaper

If you’re still having trouble keeping your computer desktop clear of clutter, you may want to try using a specific organization wallpaper. Adam Dachis, a contributor to LifeHacker.com, shares some examples of wallpapers that have built-in organizers that make it easy for you to move files around on your desktop to the most appropriate area. This could be a great idea for people who frequently use the files they save onto their desktop or people who only plan to keep files for a very limited time before moving them to the trash or another more permanent location. With the amount of organizational wallpapers available, it should be easy for you to find one that will help you keep your workspace more organized than ever before.

Having a desktop that is easy to look at and makes accomplishing your tasks simple will help you get your work done more effectively and efficiently. Use the tips mentioned above to give your computer desktop a productivity makeover today.

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