4 Reasons Your Business Should Adopt a Cloud Automation Framework


Cloud automation frameworks from places like NetBrain might not be something you’ve heard about before, but they’re pretty easy to understand. Essentially, they take certain operations within your cloud-based infrastructure and then automate them. There’s a wide-ranging selection of operations that can be automated, and adopting such an approach can present some compelling benefits.

Here are just four.

  1. Improved Productivity

An automated system performs the same tasks you’d previously have had to either do yourself or delegate to someone else, so everyone can work on what they’re best at. At the same time, you’ll be removing the risk of human error and the downtime that often results from such mistakes. You’ll also enjoy greater opportunity for collaboration since teams spread across different locations will find it easier to work together.

  1. Reduced Cost

With the tasks that used to be handled by staff taken over by automation software, you could be in a position to save money each month. In fact, cloud automation services often end up paying for themselves very quickly. Even if you don’t lose any employees, you can have them focus on revenue generating activities instead of tasks that weren’t ever really necessary for them to perform.

  1. Excellent Scalability

One of the great things about using the cloud is the opportunity to scale up or down at will, which is obviously a serious concern for small businesses and start-ups, and cloud automation frameworks make scalability even easier. As you grow, you’ll find that you simply no longer have the time to take care of tasks that once wouldn’t have seemed too burdensome. Automating those tasks means being able to scale up quickly without letting vital yet distracting tasks fall by the wayside.

  1. Enhanced Security

Last but not least, cloud automation frameworks can dramatically improve security due to the cloud security products that can be put in place. For example, companies like Radware can provide data center security to protect these cloud services. As mentioned above, such systems are an effective way to remove the risk of human error, which is one of the leading causes of data and security breaches. Additionally, these systems can detect threats that might have been too complex for most people to pick up on.

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