5 Key Benefits of Server Virtualisation


You might have heard about virtualisation, which essentially means moving your data from physical servers to virtual machines. This might sound like an odd operation, but it’s actually one that comes with numerous advantages. Here are just 5 key benefits that virtualisation can offer to your business.

  1. Saves Energy and Money

Migrating from traditional physical servers over to virtual machines means being able to consolidate onto fewer physical machines within a data centre. This means you’ll be burning less energy, and those data centres are often optimized for efficiency. Moreover, you can also upgrade your data centre to be more sustainable and green with the help of a professional such as Walt Coulston with expertise in designing environmentally conscious commercial properties. A data center specialist can provide you with sustainably conscious strategies to ensure that your data centres stay physically protected while having the technology to transition to a net zero future.

  1. Lower Your Costs

When you commit to virtualisation, you won’t just be saving on your power and cooling costs. You’ll also be able to go for less office space since there will be no need to house physical servers onsite. And if anything does go wrong, it won’t be you paying for the maintenance work.

  1. Enjoy Faster Provisioning

From a technical standpoint, one of the most important reasons to embrace virtualisation is to enjoy faster provisioning. If you should find yourself needing more space, all it will take is a quick call to the administrator of your data centre to get it done. With traditional servers, you’d have to buy a new unit, fill out the order forms, and wait for it to arrive.

  1. Faster and Easier Recovery

One of the key benefits of virtual machines is that they don’t have to depend on any specific piece of hardware. This is because they are not linked to one specific physical server. If you need to restore some image-based backups, you’ll find it easy.

  1. Older Applications Live Longer

Most business IT networks have more than a few older applications still running in the background. A lot of the time, these applications just won’t work with newer hardware, and it’s unlikely that updates are still be being made to fix this issue. However, virtualisation lets you extend the life of such applications.

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