5 Troubles For People With Too Much Screen Time


Computers are great. Mobile phones are great. TV’s are great. And they all requires a bit of staring at screens. But, with all of that information and entertainment that can come streaming at your from the pixels and lights on that screen, there are some troubles that come with it. Because not only is time wandering away as you stare at the colored dots, your attention is wandering away, and some of your ability to handle normal life as well.

Consider that five specific issues that can crop up from too much screen time include trouble sleeping, some pretty serious eye strain, social anxiety, back and shoulder aches, and even a sort of overall general depression.

Trouble Sleeping

One of the first big issues that people have when it comes to too much screen time is trouble sleeping. Human eyes have developed to handle natural light to form that very necessary circadian rhythm, and when we stay up late watching moving, or when we have the bright light of our phones poking at us when we lay in bed, that can really throw sleep cycles out of whack. There are many various ways people are able to try and get a better night of sleep, whether it be utilizing products such as you can find from this website or the use of natural scents such as lavender to induce a sleepier state. To get good sleep, you really do have to turn all of those glowing surfaces off a good few hours before it’s time to hit the hay. In addition to this, getting a mattress that supports your sleeping needs could help you get an even better night’s sleep, try using coupons from companies like Raise to buy a new mattress for a cheaper price from reputable stores like Saatva.


Another common trouble from too much screen time is eye strain. Just think about the muscles in your eyes as they’re constantly focused on the same distance away from you. Those eye muscles will get tired, and that can lead to some pretty nasty headaches. If you find yourself staring for too long – even longer than maybe 15 minutes at a time – it’s important to take quick eye breaks. People could also consider getting some blue light glasses to reduce eye strain, making it easier for people to use their phones or computers.

Social Anxiety

With all of the social connections that are available now when it comes to computers and mobile phones, it’s super interesting that too much social media leads to social anxiety. People get caught up in likes and comments and views, and that becomes the driving force in their lives, causing some real stress when their expectations aren’t met.

Back and Shoulder Aches

If you don’t have the best computer chair, you can get back and shoulder aches from spending too much time in front of screens as well. Good posture is necessary for proper spine and muscle alignment, so if you don’t practice good technique, you’ll get sore and achy before you know it.

General Depression

And even though screens, as windows to the world, can open up all sort of exciting possibilities when it comes to inspiration and motivation, there have been studies that show that too much computer time can lead to depression. Because the human brain isn’t necessarily wired for office work, that discrepancy can really affect people’s moods over time.

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