Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 Overview


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An antivirus software can do much more than one can imagine. The new age antivirus has the capability to protect all of your Mac OS, Android and Windows devices. Bitdefender, for instance, is equipped to shield your laptop, desktop and smartphone without needing much of a manual input from you. The management is quite simple. With just one account needed for all devices, the antivirus software is everything you need to safeguard important files and privacy of your gadgets. Because of its ease of operation and highest protection capabilities, this is the most sought after security solution today.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 provides unmatched security against all kinds of internet threats including malicious malware and destructive viruses. Not only does it recognize the threat but also destroys it before it can do any harm to your devices. This includes the most stubborn viruses like Trojan and harmful software like Ransomware as well.

One of the noted features of this antivirus is its ability to retain the speed of your devices. It does its work in the background without hampering your devices in any manner.

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The antivirus offers uncountable features that make your life easy and your transactions secure. For instance, the Bitdefender Autopilot runs cyber security operations on its own without manual intervention from you. No pop-ups to distract you and nothing to be configured while it silently works round the clock. It is smart enough to know your devices and what keeps them protected. Its features make it impossible for hackers or attackers to invade your privacy and steal valuable information.

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With one more incredible feature, called Parental Advisor, you are able to discretely overlook your children’s online activities to ensure that they are safe always. The Bitdefender antivirus also surprises with another noteworthy feature. The Wi-Fi security advisor is your armor even while you browse on the go using different Wi-Fi networks on your devices. You can do all your banking, shopping and other transactions without an ounce of worry as Bitdefender is your soldier everywhere, be it your home or any other place you take your device to.

It ensures security for your computers and smart phones against cyber-attacks. It is not your average security solution. It covers Windows, Mac OS and Android devices and does not leave any of your important information unattended or unprotected. It also lets you know whether a particular link on your search results is safe to click on or not.

A mix of both, prevention and cure, you can trust Bitdefender to offer a complete security solution for your gadgets.

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