Breaking With Tech Norms To Stand Out As a Brand


As technology shift in different directions, it’s important that you decide which norms you want to stick with as they develop, and what times you want to go off on your own path, especially if you’re in some sort of management or ownership position.

So, on a day to day basis, as you’re making your business decisions, keep in mind the ways that you can differentiate yourself. Decide which marketing rules can be broken. Find the right theoretical balance between desktop and mobile technology when it comes to your advertising processes. If you want to opt for a web application or experiment with different marketing strategies, then, by all means, you can go ahead with it. Allow your business face to be emotional, possibly! And the quicker and stronger your feedback loops are, the better your brand will become.

Marketing Rules Were Meant To Be Broken

Digital marketing is still relatively new, which means that digital marketing rules are still just emerging. But there’s a difference in attitude between certain technology companies that follow these rules to a ‘t’, and those that are willing to attempt new methods of connection. Decide where you want to be on that spectrum, and experiment until you find your personal pocket of success.

Finding the Mobile Balance

Because we’re in the middle of the mobile revolution, there are not only changes that are occurring within the tech industry, but within all industries. How people search for information is changing, and has changed, rapidly, even in the past few years, so if you want to get your personal or business messages out into the world, you have to accept that the devices in people’s pockets are more important than ever. Adapt to this reality, or get lost in the shuffle!

Bringing Emotions To the Forefront of Business

Not too long ago, companies, and tech companies in particular, were presented as professional, stodgy, and even clinical. But now, there’s a movement to add emotion into the idea of technological advances. This could be by presenting technology as a way to connect people, or for helping with humanitarian issues, for example. Ask yourself how this type of presentation could help you.

Owning Your Mistakes

Plausible deniability isn’t going to work as well now as it used to when it comes to business or even personal deals, because there’s so much data that’s archived, even a simple search can show that people have fudged certain decisions. And what that means to you, is that if you want to stand out as a brand, simply own your mistakes, accept them as reality, and then move on.

Creating Fast Feedback Loops

And because no one is perfect, no company is perfect, and no brand is perfect, if you find a way to create the shortest possible feedback loops with your customers and clients, you’ll find that your pace of success will happen much more quickly than by using alternative methods.

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