How To Build A Blog And Grow It With All Your Tech


Blogging is fun and easy to do, and it is something that can be used for professional or personal use. One of the bonuses of blogging these days s that you don’t even have to have a computer to do it. You can blog from your phone or even from your tablet. Technology has made blogging almost too easy.

Because it is so easy to do it seems like everyone should have a blog, granted you have something to say to the world. If you have a business there is simply no excuse not to have one, and with talk to text you can even save time on writing, so it doesn’t have to have too much of an effect on your work day. Here are some blogging tips to help you build a great blog.

Consider Your Content

Whether you are typing your content in or using talk to text you need to make sure that you are editing your content. Nothing turns readers away faster than a blog post full of errors. Do more than just spell check, read your posts out loud to make sure that they sound right.

You also need to make sure not to overdo the keywords when it comes to SEO. On top of all of that you need to make sure that you are sharing content your readers want to read. Talk about the things that matter to them, give them useful anecdotes, and if you run a business blog stay as close to your expertise as possible.

Start With The Name

It’s important to come up with a good name for your blog. A business blog will be attached to a dot com, for sure, but if you’re using a personal blog you may also want to invest in an actual domain name. This makes it more catchy and easier to find.

For personal blogs, your blog name is going to be the thing that you use most often when it comes to sharing your content. For a business blog it’s just important to have a link to your blog on the main page of your business website.

Get It On Social Media

All businesses should already have social media pages set up, but even personal bloggers may want to have social media pages set up for their blogs. It’s a great way to share new posts and advertise yourself.

Each time you have a new blog post share it on social media, even if that means having an account with a social media content management system. This is the best way to get more people to see your words.

Use Your Smartphone

Lastly, from tablets to smartphones, you can now blog on the road. Have the app for your blogging system downloaded on your phone or tablet for easy access so you can post anytime the mood strikes you.

If you have social media pages for your blog this is also a good way to ensure people are seeing what you’re posting. Consider using Instagram as well, to share photos of the sites you see and to remind people they can get more information by following your blog.

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