Effective Email Campaigns


Are you completely inundated with emails? If so, you’re not doubt skeptical about the efficacy of email campaigns. How do you design an email, a message and an entire online campaign without ending up in the junk box or trash box? Follow these proven tips from professionals to get your campaign off to a positive start.

Start with a strong list. These can either be email addresses that you have from existing customers, or emails from a well targeted list that you have purchased. Consider your audience. If your campaign is to promote DVDs and music videos, the timing and subject line should reflect this. The same is the case of your campaign is targeting business products or housekeeping products. Know your audience. The millennials will be more apt to open emails that arrive between 9pm and midnight, while baby boomers are more apt to open emails sent between 6:30 am and 8:30 am.

Just as important as the timing of the email is the subject line. Avoid overly clever or solicitous subject lines. Offers of advice and tips tend to yield higher open rates than offers of sales or discounts. The public has almost become numb to marketing materials that scream sale, sale, sale. Make the subject line both enticing and relevant. The quickest way to lose a prospective customer is to suggest one thing and offer another. Don’t put your credibility and brand reputation on the line. One wrong move and your business’ reputation could be hurt! You would then, require the assistance of a online reputation management firm to clean your image and put you back on the map again!

The content of the email is just as important as the timing and subject line. Remember that less is more. This should be very simple to scan and ascertain the message in 3 seconds or less. Avoid overly verbose language and stacked paragraphs that no-one will read but serve to dilute your message. Simple graphics and a few bullet points below the headline is all that is necessary. Speak to the need that your product or services fills, the value and quality of the product or service and finally the stability and strength of your company. Less is more. Finally, have an individual not part of the process proof read the entire document. Have a second person proof for both grammar and clarity. Mistakes are not an option.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to launching your first successful email campaign!

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