How To Identify A Clone Battery?


Can you detect a fake battery at a glance? If your answer is Yes – you can guarantee your safety. But if your answer is No – read the article to explore the distinctive features of counterfeit batteries, in order to immediately raise red flags and identify clones.

The vape market is flooded with cells, like this rechargeable thread battery 510, however some dishonest manufacturers produce fake ones, replicating the high-quality branded batteries of LG, Samsung and other companies, offering low quality batteries that may jeopardize our health. The use of the fake batteries can lead to their leakage and even explosion, that may damage your device, you or your environment. 

What Are The Indications Of Clone Vape Batteries?

Check the following hallmarks of clone vape batteries in order to spot them at first glance and avoid buying them.

1. Price.
The price of a fake cell is too cheap to be true – a low cost battery must be the first sign what will warn you.

2. Print on the battery.
A clone battery has larger letters and numbers, its print is usually darker and clearer, while an authentic battery often has pale coloured print on it. It is easy to note the difference when you hold both batteries  in hand.

3. Slight defects.
The common problem of many clone batteries is the ‘rubbish’ under the heat-shrink, that can be easily observed. Make sure the wrapping of the battery is in one piece.

4. Negative terminals.
Original cells commonly have additional scuff marks on the negative terminals of the cells. That means that the battery had passed quality control before it became available for sale. Counterfeits are more often not tested by manufacturers.

5. Positive terminals.
The positive terminal of a clone battery is hollow and the white ring is bright white. The white ring of an original cell should feel mat when you touch it.

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Protected & Unprotected Batteries.

Choosing a battery you will have a choice between protected and unprotected batteries. Protected cells feature a small electronic circuit at the end of a battery. It is almost undistinguished from the cell. The circuit provides the protection from excessive charging and discharging, short circuit and high temperatures. It is designed to prevent damage from leaking and explosion. Mostly protected cells have also a valve which disables the battery constantly when its pressure inside becomes too high. That can happen as a result of swelling, at that moment they are very susceptible to igniting.

Unprotected cells lack such methods of protection and they are cheaper as a result. If you’ve chosen this type of battery, take extra care handling it. Pay attention to discharge rating(CDR) to avoid drawing excessive power from a cell. In the case it may overheat. It’s necessary to store the batteries in a protected case that does not give coins and other metal objects touch the terminals of the cell. The case will protect the batteries from the short circuit.

Forewarned is Forearmed. Be careful!
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