MacOS Cleanup Tips To Maintain A Faster Running Machine


We live in a time where everything is fast.  We expect instant gratification, and we need our devices to keep up with the speed of life.  The good news is that your Mac can do the job.

However, it’s always good to know how to keep your machine cleaned up, so you’re not contributing to drag on your memory.  Take a few moments to check out a brief summary, featuring a few MacOS cleanup tips to help you maintain a faster running machine.  

Purgeable storage space on your Mac

The Mac operating system aims to create more workability with cloud integration.  Mac also introduced the option of purgeable storage. Purgeable storage consists of files on your machine that can be deleted without causing any issues with your computer.  

When you turn on the optimized storage option, the purgeable storage button becomes visible.  Optimized storage will send most of your files to the cloud, so your computer can be freed up to to other things.  

Tidy up your machine’s desktop

When you’re aiming to optimize your machine’s RAM availability, you can start by tidying up your desktop.  Most users don’t realize that a cluttered desktop will make your machine run slower, but it is true.

Your Mac sees every one of the icons you have on the desktop as a small active window being left open.  When you have 40 icons on your desktop, it really starts dragging on your machine.

Clear out excess email downloads

If you use your Mac for work, you may find that you have accrued a ton of PDF files, Word documents, and image files from the email attachments sent your way.  

These files are useless once you’ve viewed them, and they’re stored in your email.  There’s no reason to store the download file on your hard drive. Search for the Mail Downloads Data file, and empty it of its contents for more free memory.

Keep a clean cache

Running a Mac means that your computer stores a little more information in the cache than a standard Windows computer.  Your Mac stores more than just simple web browser information. The random information stowed on your computer’s cache can become corrupted and cause unnecessary issues with your machine.  Empty your computer’s cache files regularly.

Regularly delete apps that you don’t use

Don’t let your computer get bogged down by a bunch of different applications that you don’t really use.  Go through your programs on a regular basis, and get rid of downloadables that you rarely or never use.  Taking this simple action will help maintain a more functional machine, and it will keep you from having to dig so hard for a particular program.

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