More Ways to Make Money from Your Blog: A Beginners Guide


Not everyone can attract thousands of visitors to their blog, even if they do follow a marketing strategy. Having thousands of visitors a day is even more difficult to do when you are fairly new to blogging. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making money from your blog. You can definitely learn and work on different ways that you can utilize to attract a fairly good amount of traffic to your website. For instance, one of the ways could be to understand the ways of SEO and how to start an SEO campaign for your site. Nonetheless, there are ways to earn a steady stream of revenue even when you are just getting started.

Small but Steady

Before we go ahead and talk about several ways to make money from your blog, I need to remind you that the point of these methods is not to generate a huge income, but rather to allow you to start having small yet regular streams of income.

As your blog grows, the amount of money you can generate – and the opportunities to do so – will grow with it. For now, however, our focus will be on small but steady income sources. Ready to get started?

Affiliate Programs

I still think that affiliate programs are among the first moneymaking opportunities to engage as a blogger. When you have a blog on a particular niche, you can always promote affiliate products to your viewers regardless of the number of visitors you have each day.
Affiliate marketing works better when you are genuine and honest to your viewers. Promote products that you actually believe in or use on a regular basis. Tell viewers about your experience with these products from a personal perspective and you will find promoting the product to be fairly easy to do.

Should you be honest about the affiliate commission you make from promoting the product? Yes. We’re talking about a very personal relationship between you and your viewers here; honesty can actually increase your credibility and bump up your affiliate revenue. Simply say that you will earn a commission if viewers purchase the product using the given link, but don’t go too far by asking them to make the purchase.

Sell Products and Services

You can also choose to sell products and services directly based on the topics of your blog. If you have a blog about finance, for instance, you can also offer a financial planning service to viewers. Stick to the things you know best, build your viewers trust and develop products and services that suit them perfectly.

The process of selling your own products and services is actually much simpler than you think; and it can be applied to almost every niche out there. If you love to travel, giving travel consultation to other people who face troubles planning their trips could be a good place to start. If you love technology, offering remote support or premium how-to videos can be the opportunities to explore.

Your blog will serve as a way to share information, attract potential buyers and build credibility. It is just as important as the products and services you want to offer, so don’t stray from creating high quality content and pleasing your viewers. You should also avoid hard-selling your products and services, especially when the blog is relatively young.

By creating and selling products and services directly to visitors, you can earn a steady stream of revenue in return. As your customer base grows, you can improve the products and services to better suit your customers’ needs. Let viewers give you input on how to make your offerings better and take them into considerations when making upgrades.

Blog for Other People

Your blog is the perfect platform for displaying your skills and expertise. By sharing what you know best, you are actually creating a reputation for yourself. With enough articles and content in your portfolio (read: your own blog) you can start producing content for other people and get paid in return.

Paid blogging works well whether you have thousands or a hundred visitors a day. If your blog is very popular, a lot of brands and companies will be very much interested to work with you on a paid blog post published on your own site. This could be anything from a paid review to product placement.

On the other hand, you can also write content for other blogs. May sites such as Upwork connects you with site owners who are looking for quality content for their websites. You can provide a link to your blog as reference; you’ll be surprised by how many work you can find as a professional blogger with a strong portfolio at your fingertips.

Ads and Other Sources of Income

Advertising networks such as Google AdSense don’t really work with low-traffic blogs, especially because the revenue per action – whether it is a view, a click or other forms – is relatively low. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them as sources of income. Set up ads on select spaces on your blog and forget about them entirely. The ad network will feed those spaces with relevant ads and you will earn a small portion of their earnings in return.

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