How IT Outsourcing Can Help Your Business


Small businesses are arguably thriving in the global market currently. However, there are many struggles that a small business owner may encounter. Sometimes there may be issues with services that they provide which are delayed for numerous reasons. Other times issues can arise internally with vital business infrastructures such as IT. When there are issues with IT it can be stressful for small businesses that may not have an IT department set up. these may be resolved however through outsourcing the issue to be fixed by a specialized IT service. These may be found locally through searching terms similar to managed IT services in Denver or IT companies in my local area.

Have you ever considered outsourcing your project development to Managed IT Services instead? Or maybe you even have some serious experience in this field? No matter what your answer is – you should also find out a bit more about nearshoring.

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring (that is a derivative to a business team offshoring) is a kind of business process outsourcing that is used particularly for IT projects, to companies in a nearby country, often those your country shares a border with. Developing some projects in those target countries may bring a lot of benefits to your business. The proximity gives an opportunity for a great collaboration and helps with potential issues. Because of the lack of time zone differences and same time because of social and cultural linkages, political and economic connections, geographic or historical similarities, the cooperation can be run smoothly.

What sectors could benefit the most from the IT nearshoring services?

  • pharmaceutical industry, as nearshoring gives some opportunities of developing a software to support biotech and healthcare services
  • e-commerce, as nearshoring provides with advances solutions for e-commerce websites and online shopping industry in general
  • consulting & IT, as nearshoring can visibly support cooperation with IT consulting as well as with some advisory companies
  • industry 4.0, as nearshoring offers some high-quality solutions for industrial automation, smart factories and manufacturing, and also for CNC
  • telecommunication, as nearshoring supports a software development for the telecom industry and the sector of IT
  • fintech, as nearshoring brings many well advanced solutions for the finance and banking sector

Why can nearshoring be a solution for your business?

  • thanks to nearshoring, you can obtain not only the great quality of processes but also some substantial savings
  • you can count on professionals who use the high quality of code and are included in your flexible team
  • nearshoring services connect with vast experience, high-level of IT expertise and technological skills as well as knowledge or business processes
  • all projects are managed in accordance to agile methodology
  • there are many professionals that are specialized in various fields

Who can be responsible for it?

One of the companies that could manage your project development is JCommerce. JCommerce offers a wide range of IT services, technologies and coding (.NET, PHP, Java, ERP, BI) to deliver the best possible results and the full project delivery process (

If you struggle with the quality or timing of your current processes, nearshoring can be a great solution for you and your business. More about pricing you can find below:

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