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Wi-Fi Checker
Free; Android, iPad, iPhone

Wants to improve the speed of your sonic internet wi-fi? Not through angry complaints to your ISP but by helping you to check the speed of the last few yards of the internet’s journey to your device: your wi-fi. A badly sited router, crowded airwaves and electrical interference – Christmas lights give the app’s release a seasonal push – can all slow your connection. Fire up the app and it runs two tests to estimate wireless speed and detect data loss caused by a weak signal. Take readings around the house to uncover problem areas. It’s less useful when it comes to advice: move your wireless router and/or turn it off and on again. Any other problems, complain to your ISP. Isn’t that your job, Ofcom?

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Wifi Analyzer
Free; Android

Much more powerful is this tool for Android, because it sniffs out not just your own network but any nearby ones too. If you live in a terrace or apartment there could be a dozen networks overlapping yours, and if many are on the same frequency – a wireless router can broadcast over a choice of 11 channels – all will suffer speed drops. This app maps those networks and shows you the clearest channels. Again, you’re on your own when it comes to a fix. Tip: some routers will scan channels to find a free one on being restarted, or you can type your router’s IP address into a browser and tweak the settings yourself.

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Free; Android, iPad, iPhone

Worried that a neighbour could be pinching your bandwidth? Use Fing to see just who and what are on your network at any time; even if next door hasn’t cracked your password, it’s still useful to see which of your own gadgets are online (and possibly slowing your connection). You can send a test “ping” to each – a burst of data designed to check the connection speed of, say, a wireless printer. If the ping is slow to return, consider moving the device nearer to the router.

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