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Considering I’m a bit of a technophile and write a website based on computers, you’re going to have to take it from me that when it comes to apps, I probably know more than the average guy. Doing what I’m doing, I am always totally immersed in all things technical and technological advances. You can always come and ask me about an iOS developer and I will set you straight. It’s a very competitive industry and therefore, as a result, you are going to find good ones and bad ones.

Just because we like writing about computers and other technical matters doesn’t mean we don’t have a few apps of our own. In fact, there are a couple of my favourite apps that I have on my phone and am always using. Whether they are the best of their particular type, doesn’t really matter. An app is what you make it, how it appeals to you, what it does for you and whether it’s worth sharing with your friends.

One of my favourite apps is TED, and I use this exclusively to catch up on great discussion topics about science, technology, space, artificial intelligence, and more. If I don’t get to watch it live, I can always record it or file it and watch it later. One other little helper I have is called AppHunt, and this lets me look at all the current apps that are hitting the market to see what’s new. I am always looking at a continually updated list of the newest and best apps on the play store.

I read an interesting article about an iOS developer that was local to the UK called, and they were making some substantial inroads into helping people make useful apps. The point is that coming up with an idea for new apps and getting them created by an experienced developer is a lot easier than you think. If this is something that is of interest to you, then you can read more here.

Now getting back to a couple of my favourite apps, let me tell you about one called Duolingo which is one of the better language learning applications that you will find on the Internet today. It covers about 10 languages and the most surprising thing about it is it’s 100% free. You can get to understand sentences far more quickly and vocabulary learning along with the genders that exist in some languages is easy to pick up.

Whatever your thing is you can be guaranteed that there is an app there for it. Even as a bit of a computer expert I find it astonishing that you can get subjects covered from electrical and mechanical engineering to playing silly little games where you shoot rabbits with a bow and arrow. It certainly is an app-crazy world and I can’t see it getting any less crazy in the immediate future.

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