What Server is Right for your Needs?


Often when a business is getting started they don’t always need a server. But gradually as your business grows the necessity to move information on to a server which helps to easily share files and access other users’ work becomes necessary to making your business run more efficiently. So once you’ve established that you need a server, how do you work out which server is the right one for your business?

How big does your server need to be?

Firstly, establishing just how much information you’ll need to be stored on the server is important when knowing which size to get. A file server is great for storing files and sharing files between different users, so perfect for if you need several different employees to be able to access different pieces of information. As a multiuser device, a server is engineered to be able to run a variety of different applications at once.

What applications do you want to run?

Assessing what different applications you’ll want to run is important to finding the right server for you. Do you need to operate an email server or a print server too? Do you need a company intranet? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself before opting for a certain type of server. A server can automatically back up all of your files, so it’s a great back up for if any of your machines stop working or if any files accidentally go missing. Figuring out what’s most important and relevant to improving your business is the best place to start.

What server is right for you?

Determining what server is right for your company is a difficult task. Some servers that are built into tower blocks take up a lot of office space so it’s crucial to make sure you have room for the server. Speak to the experts at Pinnacle Data Systems who can advise you on which server is best suited to your needs and even build you a customised server if necessary. Whether you require a lot of power or a great deal of memory will depend on the size and type of business you own so speaking with an expert who will have advised similar businesses can be really helpful.

Ultimately, getting a server will hugely increase the productivity of your business as it means that you’ll be able to communicate with colleagues more easily and effectively producing better results.

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