Swipe Left: How Online Dating Software Works to Find You True Love


In recent years, the social view of online dating has changed drastically. Something that was previously so taboo has almost become a first-response for your dating woes. The shame and stigma formerly associated with finding love online has changed to a preferential choice. While many still turn to online dating as a last resort, many more are preferring to look to sites such as you can find here, as a way of optimizing their chances of success.

Dating services have long utilized algorithms that can, supposedly, match you with your true love. Whatever preferences you find desirable, interesting, and even repulsive, will be taken into account when you begin scrolling through faces online. While you may believe there are “plenty of fish in the sea” your specific tastes could narrow down your choices to only a few options.

The real question for most lonely hearts is: what is deciding the traits of your perfect match? What deciding factor determines whether or not you are considered “compatible” with someone else? Knowing the driving forces behind online dating can help you work the system to your advantage and improve your chances of finding true love.

The Perfect Percentage

For most online dating sites, users are matched with their supposed “true love” through percentages. For instance, an algorithm is used that can determine how compatible you are based on interests, personality type, appearance and more. Your future happiness could hang in the balance of how accurate your profile is and whether you are realistic about your expectations.

Some dating websites have even begun to assess your profile pictures. They will determine how appealing a certain photo is and may show a different one of your photos to different users, based on your match’s response to pictures. For example, if someone always swipes left on full body shots but never responds to a headshot, your profile picture of a full body shot is more likely to appear on their screen.

Your Popular Presence

Online dating sites are constantly assessing your presence on their page and tailoring your matches based on it. If you have a high number of unread messages, you will rank further down the page than someone who is more responsive. Additionally, if your profile is incredibly popular, you may be matched with other people who are at a similar level of popularity.

Promiscuous Profit

Each online dating site may be benefitting in different ways from your presence. Not only are they reaping the rewards of your subscription fee, but some sites admit to experimenting with users. Your response to certain messages, matches, and information can help them determine the effectiveness of the site, as well as form a more cohesive understanding of you (how the data collected about you is meant to be used is still uncertain).

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