I.T. Support – Flat Pack versus Fully Fitted


There is an easily seen schism between the two types of I.T, support you can find out there. Some of it resembles a famous blue and yellow warehouse of furniture. When you first walk in there’s a lot of style, everything is arranged as appealingly as possible and it looks like you’d never need to go anywhere else. Once you’ve passed all the flash though it comes down to actually getting what you’re paying for and suddenly all the work is down to you. You have to remember all the important numbers and do all the heavy lifting; the staff can look things up for you but ultimately it’s a do-it-yourself experience.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t eaten the meatballs, but given the choice I’d much rather have someone else create a service that fit my needs rather than wandering around with a tape measure hoping that their idea of a meter is the same as mine. When it comes to IT, a bespoke service from someone like this company offering IT support in Boise is a viable alternative to the “warehouse’o’value” approach and if it’s done in the right way any extra expense pays for itself with the service that helps you grow rather than keeps you ticking over.

To identify the DIY I.T. Support look for the hive structure. Rows upon rows of drones sitting at desks with headsets, workstations and scripts while an overseer stalks the rows ensuring everyone is keeping to the company line. The attractive element of this setup, its rigidity, is also its biggest setback. The staff manning those phones are almost certainly capable of dealing with the majority of problems that come up but the strict procedures mean that instead of fixing a problem up front a ticket has to be made and escalated to the next level. Restricting what staff can deal with looks great on paper and keeps the management happy but it means a longer and more convoluted wait for the customer, or more accurately, you.

A bespoke support is almost guaranteed to make you think first of the cost but your first consideration should be the value. When you have a named staff member available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who is based locally and will be on site to deal with a flooded server room, that’s value. When you have an I.T. Company with monitoring systems checking network security and data integrity, actively fixing alerts and issues before you even know there’s a problem, that’s value. Above all, knowing that you have invested in high quality it business solutions similar to those offered by Red Bigfoot for example can be incredibly reassuring.

When you choose I.T. Support from a desk farm you will be required to adapt to their way of working. They will have particular procedures you need to follow to register an issue because they expect to be dealing with a number of users on a daily basis they just don’t have time to adapt to you. When you go with a professional Managed Services company you can expect them to tailor their service to your needs because they have the experience and adaptability to make you their priority.

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