The Case for Free Web Hosting


Free web hosting can be used as a substitute for entry-level hosting plans which one would still have to pay for, even though they aren’t planning to use any of the added features they’d be paying for.

Getting Started with Free Hosting

Before selecting a free web hosting service to sign up to, some features of the best free web hosting services need to be highlighted. A typical, determinate best free hosting review takes into account the following features:

Price – Since you are indeed on the market for a FREE web hosting service, any hosting service you come across claiming to be free, should be free in every sense of the term. This means you shouldn’t have to pay anything at all — not even through “cost-subsidizing” mechanisms such as having to put up with banners placed over your website content. Often, you can get free trials on other web hosting platforms that you might prefer, such as when you search for the web hosting company, for example. If you are interested in the dark web, check out dark net markets for more information.

Disk Space – A free web hosting service should also offer free disk space, even if there may be some options to upgrade to a premium service. A lot can be done with disk space as little as 50 megabytes, but the important thing is that some disk space must be made available to you, without any cost.

Bandwidth – The same applies with bandwidth transfer (every time someone types in your website’s URL address in their browser, some data from the files you stored on the web server get downloaded and the sum of bandwidth transferred is equal to the sum of data downloaded) — a certain amount of free bandwidth transfer must be allocated to your free web hosting service for it to be a full-featured, free hosting service with any value. Sites on which the listed no deposit bonus UK residents visit to take advantage of make for a great examples of those platforms which become so popular that the free bandwidth that comes with free hosting inevitably needs to be upgraded.

Reasonable Server Up-Time – It would be suspicious for any web hosting company (even paid hosting companies) to claim to offer 100% server up-time, as even back-up servers stationed elsewhere need time to be invoked and kick-in, in the event of a connectivity error. A free web hosting service should offer up-time of up to 99.9%, with the lower end of the acceptable up-time spectrum somewhere around 85%, but nothing lower than that. Nevertheless, some people might be picky about server speeds and a slight dip in performance could be a deal-breaker for them. for people in micro e-commerce businesses, high server speeds are a must for them. They might want to go for the best web hosting service in the market, regardless of it being paid or unpaid.

FTP & Email – Websites have become more and more sophisticated with time and uploading web files one-by-one just doesn’t cut it any more. So, free web hosting services should integrate an FTP service too (File Transfer Protocol), allowing users to upload their files via an FTP client quickly and easily. An email service should also be provided by a free web hosting service provider, allowing you the freedom to set up a personalized account with your domain name, i.e., etc.

WYSIWYG Editor – While What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website editors are great to have, this is a nice additional feature to have through free web hosting services. That said, most free web hosting service providers of value do provide free WYSIWYG web editors, as it makes the process of developing, publishing and modifying websites much easier for users with no developmental (coding) background.

While you may be presented with some options to upgrade (at a cost) features such as disk space, bandwidth and the ability to install and use server-side scripting applications, a free web hosting worth pursuing is one which provides allocated free disk space, free bandwidth, reasonable uptime and support.

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