What Are the Features of QuadAir Drone Helicopter?


QuadAir Drone is an innovative, highly compact, durable quadcopter especially designed for those that love to capture high-definition, wide-angle, high speed aerial videos and photos. Unlike many other popular drone models, the new QuadAir Drone is actually a good drone with several good features. This drone is a lot more complex and advanced compared to the old ones, which is one of the reasons why they can be used safely and without crashing it into anything. Moreover, this is also a very user friendly model which is ideal for beginners who would be willing to learn how to operate such flying machines. Here are some of the things that you need to know about this amazing quadcopter:

A QuadAir Drone comes with four propellers. These propellers are used to control its forward and reverse movements in both forward and inverted flight modes. It can move forward at up to 80 kilometers per hour and can even go even faster. In addition, the unit is equipped with an easy to use remote control which makes controlling it much simpler and safer compared to other remote controlled flying crafts. In addition to this, the four props enable it to fly even in low altitude flights.

Another great thing about the new drone model is that it is equipped with two high resolution cameras and one HD camera. This enables you to shoot both still and videos and let you capture beautiful videos with your quadair drone anytime you want. The new vlogger can be used to record both indoor and outdoor videos in different resolutions such as high definition. This gives you a better option when it comes to choosing a model for your indoor or outdoor filming needs.

The company is offering a free demonstration version of their quadair drone model at a very affordable price. To get the special offer, all you need to do is to purchase the quadair drone as a single unit from their official website. The package deal will include one remote control and two micro quad propellers. The receiver and transmitter of the unit are also included in the package. After you install the transmitter on your computer, you can already start enjoying the fun and entertaining experience that this brand has to offer. This package deal is applicable to buyers residing in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia only.

You can also enjoy the excitement of this brand through the use of its two cameras and one HD camera. This is perfect for people who would like to take quality videos and images of their favorite locations. These types of drones have very powerful flight capacities and can cruise through the sky very smoothly. Moreover, you can now record your favorite moments at any time you like because these units come with an automatic setting which enables it to detect movement and avoid crashing back to earth. To add more thrill, users can also trigger the off-chatter of the quadair drone and engage other flyers while recording.

The second exciting feature of the QuadAir Drone would be its stabilized design. The propellers have high-torque and they become unstable when they encounter obstacles on the way. In order to prevent the propellers from flying erratically, a high-torque parachute cushion is used. However, this feature is not available with all models. With the help of the gravity sensor, you will be able to know if your quadair drone is flying erratically or not.

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