What is a Super Computer?


So what is a super computer? This is the question most of us ask when we hear about these new generation super computers. We all want to know if these machines are really going to take the place of the traditional desktop and laptop. Now you might think that it can’t be true because these super computers are so much slower than the traditional computers. You would be wrong in your assumption because recently, IBM has developed a machine which is four times faster than the best super computer that was ever manufactured. You might think that there’s no way such a machine could possibly exist but IBM has been working on this project for a long time.

IBM’s first project with its IBM Electron Machine was to design a computer which can carry out thousands of instructions at a time. After a lot of research, they have been successful in achieving this goal. The machine that was designed was made up of a series of IBM semiconductor chips, which are known as chips. These chips have been working in a parallel arrangement in order to increase the processing speed of the computer.

What’s a super computer anyway? A computer that is the fastest among the current computers is considered to be a super computer. Currently, there are three manufacturers who are known to produce these computers; namely, Samsung, Dell and Sony.

If we talk about the present times then we will find out that the IBM Electron Machine is the world’s fastest computer. This particular computer is based on the instruction scheduling model. It has a real time memory which can be accessed in any type of computing environment. This computer also has an operating system which is known as the IBM ISV. What’s a super computer if it doesn’t have an operating system to run the applications and programs?

Another type of super computer which is used today is the IBM WebSphere Information Server. This particular computer consists of four servers and they are all embedded within one server. The processing power is provided by the Sun VIA based processors and this helps to provide the best results. The software which is present on this particular server helps to provide the IT solutions and this server is integrated with the SQL, Oracle and Sybase databases.

It is quite obvious that a computer should not only be powerful but should also be fast. We can clearly define the difference between a super computer and a medium computer. A super computer is the one which is five or more times faster than the medium computer. Today we can clearly see that the companies producing these super computers are far and wide and most of them are present in the United States of America.

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