Windows 10 jumps to nearly 10% of the desktop operating system market share


According to new stats from Net Applications, Windows 10 now commands 9.96 percent of the desktop operating system market share for the month of December 2015. This is nearly a 1 percent jump from the previous month. Windows 10 has been generally available to the public since July of 2015.

As part of its design, Windows 10 is intended to be more familiar to users of older versions of Windows and better suited to use with a mouse and keyboard than Windows 8, with the return of the Start menu (albeit in a modernized form) being a primary goal. However, Windows 10 offers a chance for those who missed out on the performance, security, and feature improvements of Windows 8 and 8.1 to catch up.

The advanced security and continuous patches and updates of Windows 10 are among the major reasons to upgrade. Some of the best security features are:
Windows Hello: A software application that is known to use facial recognition to unlock the machine using its webcam. It can also unlock more than a dozen apps.
Microsoft Defender: The antivirus program and internet security software is supposedly a gift from Windows 10.
Automatic updates: In contrast to previous versions of the operating system, Windows 10 provides automatic updates by default.

Windows 10 is said to be the best Windows ever made by Microsoft. In other words, Windows 10 has plenty of high expectations to meet as the most popular operating system in history. Even though Windows 10 has its fair share of problems like SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED (which can be resolved by going through blogs on how to fix system_thread_exception_not_handled), it also has some exciting features.

However, Windows 7 continues to dominate as the top desktop operating system with a market share of 55.68 percent. Windows XP retains its second place position with a share of 10.93 percent. Windows 8.1 comes in third place with 10.30 percent, and it should come as no surprise that Windows 10 will soon take over in third place

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